By making a payment to are accepting these terms and conditions


Booking process   Pageant Party will take the booking details and make a provisional booking entry in the dairy.  We will then send out the booking contract for signature and/or an electronic copy, this is to be returned within 14 days with the deposit.  We will not take another booking within this period of time.

Deposit  A deposit of £50 is due for all discos under £300 and for any discos of £300 a deposit of £100 is required.  All deposits are non-refundable.

Full payment  Final adjustments to playing times and venue must be made at least 21 days in advance (and any adjustment to prices accordingly).  These adjustments should be minor.  Full payment is required 21 days before the event.  Pageant Party reserve the right to accept alternative bookings if payment has not been received 21 days before the event.

Short notice bookings  In the event that we can accommodate a short notice booking (less than 21 days notice) then payment in full is required at time of booking.

Overtime  When feasible and possible the clients request for extended playing time during the event will be accommodated, however payment is due at the time of request at out advertised rates (£50/70 per hour or part of).

Forms of payments  Any payments made 21 days before the event can be paid in cash or cheque.  Any payments made less than 14 days before the event must be in cash.  A receipt will be issues if requested.  In an event of payment disputes you will be asked for proof of payment.

Venue/police/council intervention  Requirements by the venue management, over-ride the clients and Pageant Party i.e. if we are instructed to turn the volume down, or to stop playing.  Most commercial venues have entertainment licence cut of time which must always be observed.  In the event of interruption by the police/local council, then we will follow any advice or instruction given by them (including stopping the event).  There will be no refund given under these circumstances for early finishing.

Cancellation by client  Cancellation must be in writing by the client.  If the client cancels more than 21 days in advance then only the deposit will be forfeited.  If the client cancels the event less than 21 days in advance the client is responsible for the total fee.  If we manage to get another booking for your event date and you re-book for another date, then we may consider transferring some of the money towards the new event date.  Please let us know as soon as possible as we may be able to help.

Cancellation by Pageant Party We have never had to cancel an event, however, if for some reason we could no longer carry out the event, we would consult with the client.  If this is more than 21 days in advance we will refund all monies paid and work with you to find a new DJ the client will pay direct.  If it is less than 21 days before the event we will endeavour to find you a new disco and we will pay them direct (including any extra fees up to a maximum of 25% more than the original booking fee).

Non attendance of event/ severe breakdown of equipment/ late start  Pageant Party have never failed to provide a disco.  However, this can never be ruled out (such as major car crash multiple equipment failure during the event etc) we will always work our hardest to provide your event with the best that is available.  If the event last less that 25% of the agreed playing time or does not take place at all then Pageant Party will refund all monies paid, plus a maximum of 25% of the booking fee as compensation.  If more of the 25% playing time has been achieved then a refund will be made on a pro-rata basis.  If the start of the event is delayed by more than 30 minutes due to Pageant Party liability is limited to providing that time as an extension at the end of the night.  If delays are over 30 minutes than a refund will be done on a pro-rata basis.

Late start by customer If Ground zero-DJ cannot start the setup by the agreed time due to the client or the venue not being ready then Pageant Party will quietly wait and prepare as much as possible until such time as the client/venue is ready.  We will work with the client/venue to then set up as quickly as possible and to start playing as soon as we can.  Under no circumstance are Pageant Party obliged to play late or refund any money.  Any extra playtime will be charges at the normal rate of £50/70 per hour or part of.

Venue provision  The client will ensure that the venue for the disco:


  1. Will be within 25 meters of a reliable supply of 3 of 13 amp sockets (on a full 30amp ring mains).  If the power supply is less than this, it may reduce the lights and sound level of disco,
  2. Is open between set up and take down finishing times as per the booking sheet (2 hr set up 1 hr collapse)
  3. And area approximately 3.5 metre wide 2.5 meter depth and 3 metre in height is available for the disco rig.  If the space is less that this it may take longer to set up or we may not be able to set up all equipment.
  4. Take reasonable steps to protect at all times Pageant Party personnel and equipment.  Any damage on equipment or attacks on personnel may result in reports to the police.
  5. Provide suitably qualified door staff at events if needed.
  6. Provide shelter that completely coves and protects Pageant Party equipment from adverse weather when playing outside.
  7. Has a valid Public Liability Insurance if the event is commercial or for business or public event.


Client  The client accepts full responsibility for the damages and injuries or delays that occur as a result of failure to comply with these provisions.  In the event of the circumstance of the event present a real danger or threat of injury or harm to Pageant Party staff and equipment and or any other person, and then we reserve the right to cease playing until such time that the client resolves the threatening situation.  Pageant Party reserve the right to deny guest access to recording, equipment and access to the area behind the disco at all times.

Equipment damage  Pageant Party carry full Public Liability Insurance and cover against accidental damage of the disco equipment.  However, if damage is caused deliberately by the client or any of the guests or persons attending the event then Pageant Party reserve the right to charge the client the full cost of repair/replacement of equipment.

Food and drink  For any event lasting 5 hours or more the DJ and assistant will require feeding and watering.  Food and water should be supplied by the client.