Make your tables the centre of attention

These amazing table decorations are suitable for almost any form of formal event.

They stand between 65cm to 70cm (depending on which one you chose) from the table top and will wow you guests when they see them and make your event something that stands out from the crowd. They can be set to a colour of your choice and changed throughout the night as you wish or it can rotate through a wide range of colours.

The displays are suitable for any event ranging from the small gathering, to the large wedding or corporate event. We can change the decorations slightly to suit your needs, however please note that this could affect the cost of hire.

These large displays cost from £40 per night per table. Discounts are given for multiple nights.

30cm high table decoration

This table piece is ideal to set your table of with a touch of subtle elegance. Consisting of a vase approximately 30cm tall, sitting on a mirror base and lit by 2 small candles, the vase has an ice effect and an aluminous glow contained within it.

Cost from £30 per table.